Tamia's Gallery

Tamia’s Gallery

Check out videos and photos of Tamia doing what she does best - singing and representing the incredible values that she stands for. On this page you’ll find clips and videos of concerts, performances, interviews, photo shoots and more. Have a look around and get to know Tamia’s world.


Life Photos

Just posted a photo
On our way to Make-A-Wish foundation dinner tonight:) I love @realgranthill in a suit
Hanging with my girl @demivbeauty
Thx @demivbeauty:)
RIP to a phenomenal woman. Maya Angelou.
Grant Hill giving the commencement speech at the 2014 Fuqua School of Business graduation.
Hanging with my girls. @samtelfair @ngstewart1
Lol#trepost @realgranthill
Tune into @NBATV's "Inside Stuff," this Saturday at 12PM EST. Hosted by @realgranthill33 and @kristenledlow, their Mother's Day Special will feature me, Lucille O'Neal (Shaquille O'Neal's mom), Flo Allen Hopson (Ray Allen's mom), Jolinda Wade (Dwayne Wade
<3<3<3<3 #tamiasatour
Happy to go home. I'm going to miss this view. #PortElizabeth #SouthAfrica #tamiasatour #thankyou
<3<3 Getting ready for my show tonight in S.Africa and I see my hubby @realgranthill and @kristenledlow #insidestuff
P.E I'm here!! See you tomorrow at the show!!!
About last night...
THANK YOU!! Johannesburg I had a blast!! See you next time. Off to Port Elizabeth
Once again the crowd was #Amazing. Let's do it again tonight Johannesburg. #tamiasatour #soldout #love #beautifulsurprise #thankyou
What a fun show!!! I felt the <3. Let's do it again tomorrow Johannesburg:))
@craigkleinhas Thanks for the great photo
Thank you Cape Town!!! You guys were so great tonight!! Here is the pic. Lol#<3U. Can you see yourself?
Sound check done!!! Cape Town I'M READY!!!!
Table Mountain in Cape Town is so beautiful!!
Ok...just going to rest for 10 minutes. #tamiaSAtour
Cape Town I'm here!!! #tamiaSAtour @csm21ent @demivbeauty
Best press day ever in Johannesburg. I met so many wonderful people. #tamiaSAtour
RT @2000FMSA We have @realtamiaworld in studio! Anything you'd like to ask her? #thecollective2000
Just posted a photo
First dinner in Johannesburg South Africa at Moyos with @csm21ent #tamiaSAtour
At the airport on my way to South Africa. Let's go!!!!
Great week in the studio. Thx @claudekelly @thejennaandrews @stereotypescam @internz @kosine5 #samhook #dainewarren #tamiaproject
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.
#Repost from @claudekelly with @repostapp ...when the person you are currently in the studio with and the person on your tv screen are the same person
Still working. #studio #lovethissong @claudekelly
Thanks @damoneroberts #eyebrowking
So happy I got my brows done by @damoneroberts today!! So proud of him:))
10am Sunday morning. Cutting vocals for a song written by the great Diane Warren. Inspired by the depth of her catalog & decades of success. Diane continues to have passion & humility as if she is a newcomer to the game. #Admirable
Road to the Final Four
#Repost from @claudekelly with @repostapp In The Zone!! --- brainstorming. in the egg chair. photo courtesy of @gitz9
In the studio with @claudekelly & @stereotypescam photo cred: Claude Kelly

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